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Oral Tissue Biopsy in Louisville KY

What is a Biopsy?

A biopsy is a technique of removing some tissue to be evaluated under a microscope by a pathologist. Most biopsies can be done in the office with local anesthesia.  The tissue is removed with a scalpel and then submitted to be examined.  Any area that does not appear "normal" may warrant a biopsy.


Many conditions affect the oral cavity and the oral tissues which may not be diagnosed by just looking at it with the "naked" eye.  This is the reason that a piece of that tissue must be removed to determine the diagnosis.  Once the diagnosis is made, the appropriate therapy is administered.


If a suspicious or abnormal area has been present for more than 2 weeks, then it should be evaluated and possibly a biopsy done to determine the course of action.



Call us at (502) 459-8012 to discuss your concerns if you've noticed any abnormal areas on your gums, lips or face. 


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