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Jaw Surgery Recovery | GLOMSA

Post-Operative Care for Jaw Surgery

After surgery, a brief hospital stay will be advised for monitoring.  As expected with any surgery, you will experience some discomfort that is usually controlled with oral pain medications.  Your healing will take some time, but we will be there to help guide you and your family through it.   Normally, at Greater Louisville Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates you can return to work or school within two weeks.


Since most incisions are made inside the mouth, no external scars are usually visible. If incisions are needed externally, we try to conceal them in natural skin creases.


After several weeks following surgery, your orthodontic treatment will continue to complete the proper positioning of your teeth.  Usually your braces are removed within 6 to 12 months after surgery.  Following the removal of your braces, a final follow-up appointment will be scheduled with us.  By this time you will have experienced the benefits of corrective jaw surgery. 





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