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What we do...

Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery is the specialty of dentistry that includes diagnosing and providing surgical and adjunctive treatment of conditions involving both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the head, face, oral cavity, teeth, gums and neck.


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Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are devices that are used to permanently replace missing teeth, making it look as natural as possible.  If removable dentures aren't the perfect solution for you then you should consider dental implants. 
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Wisdom Teeth


As children's adult teeth are erupting into the mouth, they should "push" themselves into the correct position.  However sometimes erupting teeth can affect their neighboring teeth and the wisdom teeth are those with the worst reputation for doing this.


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Patients undergoing surgery often experience a great deal of anxiety.  Fortunately drugs available today allow surgery to be performed with minimal or no discomfort.  Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are extensively trained in modern anesthesia and are dental specialists with extensive training in this method of anesthesia.
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Practice Services
The most qualified and comfortable care...
  • DENTAL IMPLANTS - ultimate permanent tooth replacement and alternative to dentures
  • Oral Surgical Procedures and Tooth Extractions
  • In-Office IV sedation
  • Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the jaws and face
  • Facial rejuvenation techniques
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment - both surgical and non-surgical
  • Quality, patient-centered care
  • Insurance accepted and filed for you
  • Financing options for qualified applicants





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